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How to weblin.lite

You may have a look at this picture to understand how you can start and use weblin.lite. The design might differ from the image in matters of style – but you will be able to discover weblin.lite in a quite as easy way as you see it there. It takes just one click to use it – with three clicks you can move your weblin avatar to any website and meet other users there. You will be able to manage that completely in your actually opened browser window.

No download is needed – no extra windows have to be managed – weblin.lite and weblin are completely free – even if you decide to download and install the full version with extra features.


Welcome to weblin.lite!


you are surfing in the world wide web – like thousands of other people – every day they are reading the same articles, they watch the same videos, look at the same pictures and use the same social networks.

With weblin you can meet them directly on any webpage if you want and now it works with just one click. This blog will teach you – how to do it.

weblin.lite – is online since April 1st 2008!

weblin lite

Test weblin lite now!

Simply click to make your weblin visible here and now!



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